Woodruff - The UPSAC Drinking Game

Woodruff is the club's ongoing drinking game named after the old club boat. IT'S NOT MANDATORTY but helps liven up any social gathering, there are a few basic rules, so if you are listening carefully then we'll begin....

  • On even days of the month (ie. 20th, 14th, etc.) you drink with your left hand.
  • On odd days of the month (ie. 21st, 15th, etc.) you drink with your right hand.
  • On pub crawls you will be given a list of pubs with either port (left) or starboard (right) next to them, you must use this hand to drink with.
  • On special occasions (trips etc.) the half hour rule may be invoked. Minutes past the hour are right hand and Minutes to the hour are left hand, unless the reverse half hour rule is invoked, or the 15 minute rule.
  • Calling a Woodruff on a person drinking non-alcoholic drinks is a self woodruff on you, so take care!
  • Calling a false woodruff on a person is a self woodruff on you, so take care!
  • Licking beer off of the wrong hand is a technical woodruff for whoever did it.
  • Drinking with no hands or both hands or a straw is a technical woodruff for whoever did it.
  • Drinking from the wrong hand of someone else is a technical woodruff for whoever did it.
  • Double (or more) stacking drinks for more than 10mins forces a woodruff on the owner ... so get drinking them.
  • There are also many other technical rules, which you will pick up along the way.
Oh and the penalty for a Woodruff is you must down your drink!

Pub Diving - A game inspired and devised by UPSAC

This is a drinking game which was invented some time ago by Giles Eccleston and developed and refined by Laura Coombs and Luke Kierman. It was designed as an alternative to Pub Golf, diving attire on the pub crawl is optional and can add to the fun, especially when wearing fins.

The General Dive Plan!

At the start of the evening each person is given a qualification card, this will have the pub route on, a copy of the rules and a list of dives. Each dive has a selection of drinks listed, these are the drinks you must choose from to complete that dive. Next to each type of dive there are 2 boxes for you get signed by your buddy (as with a log book). The first box is for the first time you complete that dive, and it must be completed with an instructor or experienced diver, to get new and old members of the club talking to as many people as possible. The second box is for the second time you complete that dive and this can be completed with anyone of any level.

The Rules
  • You must have a buddy for every drink/dive.
  • You and your buddy must drink the same drink.
  • You can't complete all dives with the same buddy.
  • You can complete as many dives as you like in one pub, but a surface interval between dives is advised.
  • At least one dive must be completed with a Sports diver or higher.
  • The second time you do a dive it can be with anyone of any level.
The Dives
  • Tropical Dive: Reef, Cocktails, Bacardi Breezer, Etc.
  • Ice Dive: Fosters Ice, Smirnoff Ice, Carlsburg Ice, Etc.
  • Night Dive: A dark drink i.e. Guinness, Black Sambuca, Dark Rum, Etc.
  • Wreck Dive: A Shot!
  • Decompression Dive: A Pint followed by a shot!
  • Low Visibility Dive: Anything you can't see through i.e. Baileys, Etc.
Extended Rules

To add to the complication, there are a few more rules for instructors.

If you are an instructor and you are diving with another instructor then you must drop your shot into your pint for a decompression dive (choose your shot carefully!!).

Pub Diving Table

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